Q-267. The Successful Recovery of Phages from Sewage in Tropical Hawaii Using a Newly Isolated Bacteroides Strain

V. Kannappan1, R. Fujioka1, J. Ebdon2, H. Taylor2;
1Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, 2Univ. of Brighton, Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM.

Phages of Bacteroides have been reported to be good markers for sewage contamination. Previously, we and other scientists in the US were unsuccessful in recovering phages of Bacteroides from sewage using a previously isolated bacterial host (HSP40). Recently, researchers in Spain and the UK reported that different host strains of Bacteroides are needed to recover phages from different geographical areas. They developed a protocol to recover Bacteroides from sewage and reported that strain GA-17 and the newly isolated GB-124 could be used to detect phages in different geographical areas. The first objective of this study was to isolate Bacteroides from sewage in Hawaii using this protocol. The second objective was to compare the ability of a locally isolated strain (HB-14) to recover phages from sewage in Hawaii with host strains GB-124 and GA-17. The GB-124 and GA-17 hosts as well as a UK reference phage that forms plaques on these two hosts, was shipped from the UK to Hawaii. Although the shipping time was extended to 15 days due to regulatory restrictions, the two Bacteroides hosts and the phage were still viable on arrival. The two Bacteroides hosts in their original shipping tubes remained viable up to 30 days at 250C storage under aerobic conditions. The results of the initial study in Hawaii showed that Bacteroides HB-14 detected phages from two sewage sources based on plaque formation. The recovered phage produced plaques on strain GB-124 but not on GA-17. In another experiment, Bacteroides HB-14 detected phages from two sewage sources, GA-17 detected plaques from one sewage source and GB-124 did not detect any phages from either sewage source. These results support the conclusion by Ebdon and Taylor that the isolation of local Bacteroides strains by this simple technique may offer a practical solution to the problem that the best Bacteroides hosts to recover phages are those recovered from that geographical area.

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