O-026. Genome Sequence and Analysis of the Methylotrophic Yeast, Pichia pastoris

A. Bhattacharyya1, L. Chu1, J. M. Cregg2;
1Integrated Genomics, Inc., Chicago, IL, 2Keck Graduate Inst. of Applied Life Sci., Claremont, CA.

We report the completion of the shotgun genome sequencing phase of the industrial, methylotrophic yeast, Pichia pastoris. The current version of the P. pastoris genome assembly is at 7.4x coverage in 474 major contigs. A total of 5,425 protein encoding open-reading frames (ORFs) have been identified in the genome to date, of which over 65% have functional gene assignments. The P. pastoris draft genome assembly has been analyzed using the ERGOtm Genome Analysis Suite by connecting functions of ORFs to our extensive, curated pathway database collection, comprising more than 6,000 metabolic and non-metabolic pathways. Numerous genes relevant to protein expression from various functional sub-systems have been identified in the genome including proteases, protein modification enzymes and parts of the protein secretion apparatus. Completion of the P. pastoris genome project will be discussed together with the availability of technologies to produce new and affordable Pichia pastoris expression microarray chips for the academic and industrial research communities.