K-133. EcoliHub: Development of the Information Resource

B. L. Wanner1, W. G. Aref1, K. Datsenko1, S. Ess1, M. R. Gribskov1, D. Kihara1, S. Kim1, H. Mori2, D. R. Whitaker1;
1Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN, 2Nara Inst. of Sci. and Technology, Ikoma, JAPAN.

We envision a future where a dynamic community of online resources (both information and computational resources) act cooperatively, with each resource focusing on its strength and expertise, and linking to the strength and expertise of other resources. This vision of collaboration and sharing is part of a suite of strategies that are collectively now referred to as Web 2.0. EcoliHub will not replace existing information resources; the goal is to add value to these resources by: 1) improving the ability to share information and computational services among resources, 2) allowing resources to be combined (piped together) in new ways, without requiring additional development effort by the provider, 3) improving the community’s ability to find information and resources, 4) providing new information and resources that 'fill in the gaps' between existing resources and improve the quality of information provided by all participating E. coli resources.
We will describe current status of the EcoliHub project.
Funded by NIH U24 GM077905