C-216. Evaluation of New Candida Mannan Antigen Detection Kit"Cica Fungi Test" Using Candidamia Specimens

K. Kinoshita1, I. Yamaguchi1, R. Kubo2, A. Shinzaki3;
1Toyohashi Municipal Hosp., Aichi, JAPAN, 2Kanto Chemical Co.,Inc., Tokyo, JAPAN, 3Unitika Ltd., Kyoto, JAPAN.

Background: Serodiagnosis for deep-seated candidiasis is a useful rapid test and many test kits are commercially available. However, most of the test kits detect a non-specific antigen in serum, which often causes a false positive result. We recently developed a simple EIA single-test "Cica-Fungi Test” that specifically detects candida mannan antigen in serum, and then we compared this test with commercial kits using a standard mannan solution and clinical samples. Here, we present the principle of the new test kit and show our trial results. Methods: Forty-five serum samples collected from patients with candidiasis between 2003 and 2006 were used to compare the new test kits with commercial test kits (Cand-Tec and β-D-glucan) and blood culture. Cica-Fungi Test is based on flow-through EIA using specific anti-candida mannan monoclonal antibody and detects the candida mannan within 60min. Results: Of 10 patients with candidemia from whom serum showed positive blood culture sampling, 9(90%), 6(60%), and 10(100%) patients were positive using the new test kit, Cand-Tec and β-D-glucan, respectively. The remaining 35 blood culture-negative specimens were negative in 32(91%), 0(0%), 25(71.4%) respectively. Conclusion: Positive blood culture reliably indicates candidemia and the result of the new test kits agreed well with these findings. However, 25 β-D-glucan-negative specimens were also negative on the new test, but positive on Canditec. We consider the new simple EIA single-test useful for routine work.