C-182. Recovery of Anaerobic Organisms and Campylobacter species using the Anoxomat System

R. C. Parke1, P. J. Fearrington1, M. B. Nye1, H. D. Engler2, B. A. Body1;
1Lab. Corp. of America, Burlington, NC, 2Lab. Corp. of America, Raritan, NJ.

Background: The Anoxomat™ system provides an automated evacuation-replacement process to create a microaerophilic or anaerobic environment in a jar. This study compared the recovery and growth of anaerobic organisms from clinical specimens and stock anaerobic organisms using the Anoxomat system, GasPak™ EZ, and an anaerobic chamber. The Anoxomat and CampyPak™ Plus were compared for Campylobacter species. Methods: One hundred clinical stool specimens with request for Campylobacter culture and 165 clinical specimens for anaerobic culture were plated in duplicate. In addition, 11 specimens previously positive for anaerobic organisms were plated in duplicate. One set of cultures was incubated using the Anoxomat system (Spiral Biotech) and the remaining set incubated in an anaerobic chamber (anaerobic cultures) or CampyPak Plus (Campylobacter cultures) (Becton, Dickinson and Company). Suspensions of five anaerobic stock organisms were diluted and plated times nine. Three sets of each dilution were incubated using Anoxomat, anaerobic chamber and GasPak EZ (Becton, Dickinson and Company) systems. Manufacturer’s recommendations were followed for all systems. Results: Two clinical specimens were positive for Campylobacter species by both atmospheres of incubation. Nine primary clinical specimens for anaerobic culture and all 11 previously positive specimens demonstrated equivalent growth by both atmospheres of incubation. Growth of subcultures from the Anoxomat-incubated dilutions of five anaerobic stock organisms demonstrated equivalent recovery of organisms to those incubated in the anaerobic chamber and equivalent or one log enhanced growth than those incubated using GasPak EZ. Conclusions: Limited data suggests an equivalent recovery of Campylobacter species with Anoxomat and CampyPak Plus. The Anoxomat system provides similar recovery of anaerobic bacteria as a chamber. Similar to better recovery of anaerobic bacteria was demonstrated with stock organisms with the Anoxomat system compared to GasPak EZ. Depending on the number of plates that need to be incubated, use of the Anoxomat system has the potential to cost less than either an anaerobic chamber or GasPak EZ with jars.