C-177. Conversion to the VersaTREK® Automated Microbial Detection System from the BACTEC® 9240 System: Retrospective Analysis of Data from Three Hospitals

V. Whitehead1, K. C. Chapin1, D. A. Napert2, J. M. Miller3;
1Rhode Island Hosp., Providence, RI, 2Miriam Hosp., Providence, RI, 3Centrex Lab., New Hartford, NY.

Background: To date no publication exists for comparison of the VersaTREK (VT) 2 bottle media system with the 9240 resin media system (Becton Dickinson (BD)) regarding system performance and cost. Therefore, a retrospective analysis of blood culture data and costs from three hospitals was compared for the VT system, currently in place, with the BD system (previously used at each site). Methods: Media used with the 9240 included Plus aerobic/F media or standard aerobic media and all sites used Lytic/10 anaerobic media and Peds/Plus media. The VT system uses a VT REDOX two bottle media set and neutralizes antibiotics through dilution. Time frames used in the analysis ranged from 9-15 months and the same calendar months were analyzed for each system range. Parameters assessed in the analysis included number of sets of cultures, overall positivity rates, and contamination rates. Results: Total number of blood culture sets in the study was 98,000. Overall, the positivity rate was equivalent (<0.5% difference) for VT compared to BD. Contamination rates were comparable between the systems and varied between 0.2-0.4%. Isolate recovery of specific groups was analyzed: recovery of S. aureus, CNS and streptococci were higher for VT in 2 of 3 sites. All 3 sites had higher isolation of anaerobes and GNR with VT. Cost analysis demonstrated an overall savings for the VT system of 16.2% -27.1% depending on bottle volume. Conclusion: The VT REDOX media was equivalent in 3 hospitals compared to the BD 9240, when compared to resin, standard, or lytic media. Conversion to a media system with no additional media additives, provides 4 distinct benefits: equivalency in organism recovery, cost savings in laboratory media, simplicity in inventory control and ease of use with a two bottle media system. Hospitals converting to the VT system should recognize an average five year overall cost savings of $145,653 with annual savings range from $24K-34K.